How To Play Online Craps

By 21 January 2021

If you've been searching for a classic game of chance that involves rolling dice, online craps turn out to be the ideal game to consider. Also known as Seven-Eleven, online craps is a unique casino game where players bet on the outcome of rolling dice. Today, this classic table game is available on where gamers can wager for real cash or fun.

What are the betting rules to observe when playing online craps?

If you've never played online craps before, the betting table might seem confusing at first glance. However, the dice game is easy to play and wager on once you understand the primary betting rules. For novice gamblers, an online crap betting table is marked with diverse possibilities as the game comes with various bets. The gameplay is the same for both online and offline versions.

When it comes to online craps, players are termed as shooters. First of all, gamers are required to pick and place the chips on the bet they desire to wager on. The first roll is called a come-out roll, where the shooter is supposed to roll the dice continuously until a losing combination is realised. Here, there are distinct gaming tips to choose from.


Can you use betting strategies when playing online craps?

Online craps is a unique game of chance where you can lose or in. However, there are reliable tactics that can help you maximize your winning margins. Online crap is termed as an iconic game that offers you entertainment, excitement, and thrilling betting experience. Being a game of luck, there are no existing strategies that can give you an overall edge over the house.

As a dice lover, you can use the experienced player's tactics and tips to increase your winning bankroll and margin. Firstly, you can reduce the house edge to the minimum hence increasing your chances of winning. Secondly, online craps come with different bets variations where some bets offer lucrative odds than others. Before wagering on craps, ensure you understand the odds and probabilities.

Real money online craps Vs free online craps- Which is better?

If you're a dice games lover, you can join an online casino that meets your gaming style and wager on online craps instantly. The game is available in free to play mode and real money version. Additionally, the game offers shooters welcome and loyalty deals in the form of no deposit bonuses and bonus rounds. To claim a bonus, shooters should have a verified account.

Both instant and real money online craps feature the same betting rules, tactics, and gameplay. If you're a novice shooter, consider starting with the free mode to up your gaming skills and experience. However, you should understand that the free to play variant features wagering instructions. Just like other table games, online craps have lingos used during the game sessions. Ensure you know all of them.

Where can you play online craps?

There are over 100 online casinos that offer online craps for fun and real money. The promotions awarded to shooters differ from one casino to the other. Before starting your betting adventure, you should ensure that a casino provides you the opportunity to practice first before wagering for real money. Additionally, the casino you join should be licensed by the gambling authorities.